Bad Fork Redbones - Breeder of high quality hunting stock.
About Us
We are located in southeastern Oklahoma just a few miles west of Red Oak.   My kennel is built just a stones throw from the Fourche Maline River.  Fourche Maline is french for "Bad Fork".  Hence the kennel name.  Ive been raising, training and hunting redbones for 15 years.   I breed for an early starting, loud, hard hunting, tree minded hound.  Although I dont show most of my hounds are built excellent and would perform well on the bench as well. My main goal is a top performing hound in the woods. A good looking dog is just a bonus.  I believe a female has as much or more to do with reproducing a quality hound as the male, saying that I strongly oppose brood females.  All of my females hunt, track and tree.  I only raise a couple litters a year, I breed for quality and personal use, and want to provide a better hound.  I only breed quality finished hounds and my goal is to improve the breed, not raise puppies.  I do occasionally reach outside my kennel for stud service.  There are a lot of nice males that can and will improve the breed and help my goal of a higher quality redbone hound.
1351 Ne 1070th ave
Red Oak, Ok 74563
Contact Information
Owner   Michael Matthews
Cell    (918)465-6337
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